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Clothing designer Rey Aquino launched a new menswear collection last Spring, and requested a Steampunk clock to countdown the days until the launch. I also built a neo-futuristic “invention” in Flash with various “machine parts” stock image.

stock images i used

stock images used to create “clock invention” in Photoshop

Photoshopping a steampunk invention

Steampunk “clock” being created from stock images in Photoshop

The “invention” looks pretty cool animated in Flash. Check it out, archived on my su-ling blois site. The clock keeps real time, as does the calendar. The other parts countdown to a specific date, in this case the date of an event.
I also built a custom theme for their WordPress website which they will be adding content to themselves. Many elements of the Flash clock were re-purposed for their Flash lookbook.

  • conceptual design
  • graphics built in Photoshop and Flash from bare stock images
  • Actionscripted Flash animation
  • custom WordPress theme in php and css
  • mailing list integration

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