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Emma and Nicki came to me 5 years ago looking for a stylish website that stood out from other authors’ websites. At the time I was making full Flash websites. Over the years I’ve added to and updated the site, often coordinating with a new book release. Currently I am transitioning their site out of Flash and into a WordPress site with a custom theme. We’re still using some older Flash animations here and there, but with fallbacks to ensure the site looks good on any device. I like to use WordPress for clients like Emma and Nicki who want to be able to update parts of the site themselves. One of my favourite Flash homepages for these authors of The Nanny Diaries was the one featuring their book Dedication.

  • Book page for The Nanny Diaries
  • Bio page, a mix of html and flash content
  • The ubiquitous Flash page flip FINALLY used in a context that makes sense! with html fallback.
  • emmaandnicola.com
  • Custom newsletter skin
  • concept design
  • custom Flash graphics and animations
  • frequent updates and maintenance
  • newsletter design and management
  • custom PHP mailing list form integrated into Flash site
  • various graphic design for promotional ads and collateral

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